Three Ways to Make Your Next Team Order Experience Better

Custom t-shirts, hoodies and hats are a great way to foster school spirit and show your support for the team! In fact, team wear sales are generally well-supported by families, friends, co-workers and the community in general.

Managing a successful team order the traditional way, however, can be a real headache. And it can be especially hard on the coaches/boosters/teachers/parents who are responsible to manage it. That's where we come in.

We have systems to do all the hard stuff so you don't have to. Now you can easily order high-quality custom apparel for any size group, from a 10-member after-school club to an entire school district. Here are just three ways we can improve your team order experience.

Out With the Old — In With Your FREE Team Store

The traditional team apparel order starts with passing out brochures or an order form — and (of course) making sure everyone who missed practice that night gets one. Even with all that work, the apparel choices are typically rather limited with few options for personalization.

Next you'd have to collect the orders and money, and chase down those who never turned in their order. After you count the money and wonder why it doesn't match the orders, you tally up all the orders, sizes, colors, etc... and place the order with your vendor of choice. All the while praying that you got it right.

Let me stop you right there. It's time to take this into the digital age.

When you do a team order with Simply Expressible, we'll build you a custom web store, for FREE. This allows team members, students, friends, family members, and others to easily purchase online. We clearly display each item you want to sell, show all the personalization options that are available, and collect the order information and payment. We can use our merchant account and we'll cut you a check for your profit after the sale — or we can help you set up your own!

And of course you'll get full reporting throughout the process, so you'll always know exactly what was sold. We can even generate reports that enable you to credit a seller's fundraising account. It's a whole new way to manage team ordering.

All of this makes for a better overall ordering experience for your customers, and decreased responsibilities and stress for you!

No More Picking, Packing and Sorting

With traditional team orders, organizing and placing the initial order might seem like the frustrating part. But that's nothing compared to when the boxes actually start to arrive.

Now you get to spend hours digging through boxes trying to match apparel to orders. (And oh yeah, why am I missing a hoodie? It has to be here somewhere!)

Let me stop you again. Spending hours sorting orders shouldn't be your responsibility.

We'll pick the orders for you, and package them in a sealed plastic bag so they're ready to hand out. And we can even pack them so they're easy to hand out. Want them grouped by team? No problem. Need them sorted by homeroom? We can do that too.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Now that we've simplified the ordering process and you no longer have to worry about picking through endless boxes — you have the freedom to offer more variety.

We offer a large variety of high-quality apparel, and can uniquely decorate it so your design stands out. Now you can go beyond one-color screen prints and offer variety to your customers. Maybe it's an embroidered quarter-zip, or a rhinestoned sweatshirt. Or an appliqued hoodie, or shimmering metallic t-shirt. We love to think outside-the-box, and have the know-how to make it happen.

Ready to see why our approach to group orders is so extraordinary? Get in touch with us, and let's get started on your next team order today!

Posted by SImply Expressible

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