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96% of Americans shop online.

Yet most spirit-wear sales are still run with paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and having to collect money.

We get it. It's not easy to build an online store, and it's not something just anyone can do. And besides, you've got a team to run.

That's why we are excited to launch our new online Team Stores as a FREE option for all of our group orders! You can still take orders the traditional way too, but why not offer your customers the option of purchasing online as well?

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Built in-house from the ground up.

We didn't just partner with a vendor to provide our team stores — we designed and built them ourselves. Other solutions don't offer the ease-of-use and flexibility that we were looking for. And their back-end reporting was significantly lacking.

So we took our years of experience in running successful team orders the old-fashioned way, and took that to a whole new level with our online team stores. It's built exactly how we want it, and it provides us with all the back-end reporting to efficiently run online team stores.

Flexibility to sell a variety of products.

We make it easy to offer a variety of products and options for your group sale! Increase your sales by offering multiple products for people to purchase. We'll work with you to select items that your fans will love, then you simply set the prices and we'll launch your FREE team store!

Team Stores

Easily manage personalization options.

We also make selling personalized items easy!

Mom and Dad want their son's number on their jersey? No problem. Grandma wants to add her granddaughter's name to her t-shirt? We've got you covered.

You simply pick the personalization you'd like to offer, decide how much you want to charge, and that's it! We take care of the rest!

Team Stores

Easy online payments.

When someone orders from your team store, we'll take care of the online payment process using secure AES-256 encryption. You can use our merchant account and we'll cut you a check for your "profit" after the sale is over, or we'll help you set up your own merchant account! Either way, we're flexible enough to tailor your team store to how you want to run it.

Robust reporting.

Solid reporting is the back-bone of any successful system. And ours is no different.

When a team store order is processed, we use custom reports to tell us what we need to order, how many of each item we need produce, what personalizations we need to include, etc... This helps us run our business efficiently, keeps our prices low, and minimizes mistakes.

You can also benefit from our reporting options by seeing exactly who ordered what. Need to track sales by player to credit their fundraising accounts? We can do that too. Want to see which homeroom sold the most shirts? Just tell us what you need to make your life easier.

Try our team stores for your next group order. You'll never want to go back to the old way!

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